A day.

January 18, 2007

1 pear.
1 apple.
1 chicken, bacon, lettuce & mayo sandwich.
4 cheese straws.
2 cream doughnuts.
2 bowls of risotto.
1 bag of microwave popcorn.
2 digestives.
3 quarters of a tub of mango sorbet.


I’m not reet happy today, but I can’t put my finger on why. I am guessing it is hormonal, because I haven’t had a period in ages. The pill I’m on knackers my cycle up something rotten. It may also be that I am skint, and owed about £200 by 3 separate people without having any idea of when I will get it. It may also be that I miss my boyfriend, and while I have things to do without him this weekend, I am insanely jealous that he now has plans to go out with a bunch of other people.

I think I’m also a little bit sad that the next time I see him will be late on the night before I start Lighterlife. We have a party to go to that evening, where I now will not be able to eat or drink, and had planned to go out for a nice meal for our anniversary at the beginning of February, which we now cannot. I know that getting on with Lighterlife is more important, but I just feel a little bit…cheated, that he will be going out and getting drunk with other people, and that we won’t be able to enjoy that together for almost 4 months.

Still, it was my decision to start on the 27th, I could have put it off until February 10th, but I figured that there will always be something in the way that makes me want to put it off, so I might as well bite the bullet, make the commitment, and get the fuck on with it. Having to wait 2 weeks is a little annoyingthough, it’s the sort of thing that makes me wish life had a fast forward button. At least I can fast forward to tomorrow, by going to bed now.


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