February 18, 2007

I popped over to mum and dad’s yesterday and hopped on the scales (funnily enough at about 12:30, which would be my LL weigh in time), and according to those have gone down to 15st 3lbs.  That’s brilliant, and means I’ve lost about 5lbs in the last week on my own, and I’ve lost 19lbs total, hurrah!

Thomas was good, although we weren’t there for perhaps as long as we might have been, as I just got sick of the noise and the unruly children and the inconsiderate mothers and fathers there.  Being there reminded me why I don’t tend to take Ella to these sorts of things, and certainly not at half term.  I was also quite outraged at the money we had to spend to get there.  £8.50 each adult and £6.50 each child, and that was tickets bought early on the internet.  Once there, for that money you would think that the kids might get a free activity pack with some crayons or something, but nothing.  Ella kept seeing kids with Thomas flags & wanted one, £1!  Now I understand why it was almost impossible for my parents to take 3 kids out at any time, let alone school holidays.  They’d have been bankrupt.

Hot Fuzz was good, although I was really tired and had a headache while we were at the cinema so I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I might.  We went to Tesco afterwards to pick up some pop to go with the vodka, and for the first time I actually craved carbohydrate.  I heard someone say ‘doughnuts’ and very very much wanted to to allow myself a lovely jammy sugary doughnut for the evening.  I got past it very quickly, but it’s not nice, because you feel deprived, and then silly for depriving yourself.  Still, I avoided it, and had a nice tea instead.

I finally took delivery of my low carb goodies, and the low carb wraps are a godsend.  Last night I fried chicken in a little oil and butter, squeezed a load of lemon juice over it, ground some black pepper over, and had it in a wrap with mayo and some lettuce.  I may have a bacon and tomato wrap for breakfast/lunch today, and chicken and bacon Caesar salad for tea I think.  I’ve been taking it easy on the low carb sweets/chocolate – I didn’t even take my marshmallows to the cinema.  I’ve been reading up on stuff, and apparently some of the sweeteners that get used in these low carb products (mostly maltitol) can cause gas and stomach cramps.  I’m not sure whether eating some chocolate made with maltitol was the cause of my horrid stomach pains through the week, but I’m limiting my intake just in case.

I’m not sure what the plans for today are, Lewis’ turn to decide where we’re going, probably somewhere for a walk.  I quite fancy popping into town so I can pick up some ketostix from Boots, but to be fair there’s no reason I can’t do that tomorrow on my lunch hour.  I seem to have woken up in some sort of mood, I’m not sure why, or even what sort of mood, but hopefully a walk and some fresh air might sort me out.


4 Responses to “Hurrah!”

  1. Mark said

    Wow, it’s your birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! \(^o^)/
    And wow, you have one of these?! HAPPY ONE OF THESE! \(^o^)/


    I think there’s a theme developing here, so I’ll stop. No, but really, happy birthday you! I like this blog, it’s really well written. Although you’re slightly mental for giving quite such a shit, cuz you always look smashing. 🙂

    Anyway, hello to you and the manfriend, happy birthday to you…oh, and I’ve now whacked a similarly-themed appendix onto my FP over at b3ta. Now it IS a b’day present. Err, kinda. x

  2. Mark said

    Err, ok, so apparently these ‘edits’ don’t actually get stuck on to your FP…so I guess I should say “go check the original post!”, or something equally unexciting…

  3. Mark said

    No, wait, apparently they DO. Christ’s elbow, I’m rapidly fucking this present up. Go back and read the first comment again, then delete these last two, in which I was slightly more drunk. Woo! ;D x

  4. beingmaisie said

    Interesting, i never knew those facts about sweeteners. My husband has them all the time in his coffee.

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